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Film wrapping machine

KUPER KFE Contifoil.

Change film without stopping production.

Packaging without end! This film wrapping machine does more. The KUPER KFE Contifoil is built for continuous operation. The robust machine has two film stations above and two drawer systems below; the drawers can be pulled out laterally from the machine for charging from the top. The best thing about it: As soon as the first roll runs out of film, the machine automatically changes to a new roll. And it does it during running production! Kuper clever. Thanks to the KUPER film changing unit, the used rolls are simply removed and exchanged for new ones. This allows the KUPER KFE Contifoil to operate continuously without stopping.

KUPERPOWER for your business.

Advantages at a glance

Film change without production stop

  • Fully-automatic film change by means of sealing and cutting units in the area of the film intake
  • Continuous production with high cycle capacity
  • film roll change can be carried out while the packaging process is in progress due to the unique KUPER film changing unit

Heavy-duty, sturdy design

  • Heavy machine stand
  • Sturdy machine element design for continuous load in multi-shift operation at high cycle capacities

High-performance industrial system

  • High cycle capacity even for large package dimensions and film thicknesses due to dynamic drives, linear axes and timing belts
KUPER KFE Contifoil drawer display
KUPER KFE Contifoil foil roll above
KUPER KFE Contifoil drawer with foil roll

Additional technical data upon request. Illustrations may contain options. Additional components such as control cabinets, safety facilities e.g. are maybe not shown. Subject to design modification.

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