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An ounce of predictive maintenance is worth a pound of cure.

The most efficient approach is to detect and prevent errors, wear and tear and failures before they happen. We’ll take care of this for you with our inspection and maintenance packages or the KUPER service agreement. Predictive Maintenance by KUPER. Customized to your needs and absolutely reliable.

More Safety

Our experts know what to do.

Preventing damages in advance is smart, economical and preserves the value of your equipment over the long haul. So, preventing downtime is only one of many advantages. To ensure a consistently high efficiency and reliability of your machines and hence the constant quality of your products, timely maintenance and inspections are absolutely essential.

Our highly specialized KUPER technicians will check your devices and machines. They will plan the most important repairs and overhauls in advance. And of course, they will also prepare detailed inspection reports in order to guarantee your production safety.

Eliminate uncertainties and ensure your long-term production and delivery capability with a KUPER service agreement. Kuper secure.

Inspections by KUPER include:

  • Preventive inspections to increase availability and avoid downtimes
  • Readjustments, if required
  • Cleaning
  • Status analysis and if applicable repair recommendations
  • Maintenance of wear-prone components
  • Repairs of minor malfunctions, if they can be performed within a reasonable time

Our Tip: KUPER service agreements simplify your budget planning.

Our inspection agreements have many advantages for you and no disadvantages: We would be happy to put our heads together and come up with the ideal maintenance strategy for your machines. Our inspection agreements can be terminated at any time.

Advantages of a KUPER service agreement:

  • Minimization of downtimes due to early detection of potential failure causes optimize your operating safety and availability
  • The value of your machines and systems remains intact
  • Regular inspections and readjustments of the basic settings of the machines result in better, more reliable quality of your products
  • Regular safety inspections of the machines and systems with display of an inspection tag provides more legal security
  • The agreement is a fixed basis for calculation for the annual inspection costs, however at the same time it can also be terminated any time

Inquiries about our Inspection and Service agreements can be made by telephone, by email or via our contact form.

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We want to cater to all of your requirements for the machines in your business. To ensure this, we are continuously working on our comprehensive service portfolio.

If the service mentioned above is not exactly what you are looking for, perhaps one of the services mentioned below will do the trick. If not: Call us anytime. Or send us an email with your concerns – together we will find a solution. Kuper fast and uncomplicated.

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