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Planing and molding machine


Perfect for craft and industry.

The KUPER SWT XL is the perfect machine. As an all-around machine, it is as efficient as it is versatile. Ideal for simple tasks as well as complex requirements. Equipped with energy-saving drives, it is reliable and low-maintenance, even at maximum power. In addition, it is meticulous and seductively user-friendly. And, because it is always absolutely precise with everything it does. This is exactly what makes the KUPER SWT XL the ideal planing and molding machine for craft and industry.

With the KUPER SWT XL you will be able to process solid wood for furniture parts, moldings, planed products, window and door scantlings rapidly and precisely. Adjusting work steps, save and repeat – no problem at all with the optional controller. Perfect production runs can be very easily pre-programmed with the KUPER SWT XL. The planing and molding machine convinces with its powerful feed system combined with efficient horizontal and vertical spindles. And this is just the basic configuration. We’ve got all kinds of additional options on hand for your ideas and applications.

KUPERPOWER for your business.

Advantages at a glance

  • Practical quick-action lock system ProLock®
  • Hard-chromium plated infeed and machine tables
  • Pneumatically damped pressure shoe downstream of the top shaft, improved dynamics due to linear guides
  • Continuous feed, power transmission via several worm drives and cardan joints
  • Two driven double mounted infeed and outfeed rollers in the machine table
  • Infinitely variable feed speed control via frequency converter, flexible adjustment by potentiometer
  • Electrical height adjustment of the feeding device carrier
  • Electronic start/stop system for all spindle motors
  • Swivel mounted feed cartridge in front of the right-hand spindle for easy tool changing
  • Axial adjustment of the vertical spindle 60 mm
  • Lubricant pump for table lubrication

The KUPER K² control system.

For every application the appropriate control system: the KUPER K² control systems are available on three levels: „Basic“, „Professional“ and in the High-End-Version „Advanced“. The self-explaining icons on the Siemens touch panel guarantee an easy and comfortable handling.

Simple four-sided operation up to a server based management, all these processes are feasible with the Siemens control system. All these different control systems allow a detailed monitoring of the machine at any time. If necessary, mechanical adjustments or required tool changes are indicated.

Examples of spindle configurations




Perfect results in one pass

The central motor powerfully drives the feed rollers and ensures reliable precision for each pass. The KUPER SWT processes and transports all workpieces at a consistent speed. Just set the speed and adjust it by potentiometer at any time as required.

Reliable and convenient

The workpieces in the KUPER XL and HL can be guided by remote control through the machine to allow fast and reliable set-up for new profiles. Easy and convenient.

Hard-chromium plated work surfaces

All table surfaces of the KUPER SWT models are hard-chromium plated to ensure precise results. This ensures durability and guarantees precise locating surfaces.

Kuper SWT XL

Supplementary accessories.

The KUPER SWT XL and HL can operate with up to ten spindles in virtually any configuration. The special units such as the universal spindle, saw unit, saw for window bars and the T-groove unit can be flexibly combined with the basic configuration as required.

Grooving table

Pressure element for round rods

Positioning axes

Bakelite table insert

Telescopic feeding rollers 35 mm

KUPER SWT Saw for glass bar



Technical data.

  Basic equipment Options
Working width 15 – 230 mm 10 – 350 mm
Working height 15 – 150 mm 5 – 230 mm
Feed speed 6 – 24 m/min. 2 – 60 m/min.
Axial adjustment path horizontal spindle 20 mm
vertical spindle 60 mm
horizontal spindle up to 60 mm
vertical spindle 80 mm
Spindle arrangement 1 – 10 spindles 1 – 10 spindles
Universal spindle 7.5 kW bis 11 kW
Saw spindle 11 kW bis 30 kW
Spindle rotational speed (variable) 4,000 - 6,000 U/min. 2,000 – 9,000 U/min.
Spindle diameter 112 – 200 mm
(first bottom spindle 125 – 160 mm)
bottom up to 250 mm
Profile-groove depth up to 20 mm (bottom 14 mm) up to 35 mm

Additional technical data upon request. Illustrations may contain options. Additional components such as control cabinets, safety facilities e.g. are maybe not shown. Subject to design modification.

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