Precision mechanic specialising in machine construction

Precision mechanics manufacture products for punching, cutting and forming technology as well as jig and mould construction technology. In addition, they make machines, devices, systems and plants. Service and maintenance also belong to their tasks.

  • Basic apprenticeship duration 3 ½ years, shortening to 2 ½ years is possible depending on performances.
  • First of all you will be taught all necessary principles in the teaching workshop.
  • After that you will learn the specific activities in the individual departments such as Design, Support Construction, Pilot Workshop, Repair Workshop and Production with preassembly and final assembly.

  • General Certificate of Secondary Education
  • Good marks in mathematics and physics

  • Tuition 1 to 2 times a week at the Carl-Miele-Berufskolleg in Gütersloh
  • Internal tuition in the plant once a week, in which technical contents of the vocational school are prepared and followed up, examinations are intensively prepared for and basic commercial knowledge is imparted.

And after the apprenticeship?

A challenging, interesting job as a precision mechanic or, with an appropriate final exam result, a double apprenticeship as an electronics technician specialising in automation technology. KUPER offers you many job and further education opportunities.

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