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Glue Application Machine


Precise glue application on veneer package edges. For PVAc- or urea-based glues.

The clear edge in glue application. The KUPER KLM applies PVAc- and urea-based glues where they belong with high precision. And in this way guarantees perfectly glued veneer package edges.

The operator places the veneer package, which has been cut parallel, onto the transport rollers. A laser determines the height of the veneer package at the inlet of the machine. Depending on the determined height, the parameters for the alignment and gluing process of the package are automatically adjusted. Kuper exact. The special design of the top pressure device makes it possible to press the veneer package on both sides in the area of the glue rollers. This prevents glue from penetrating into the veneer package!

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Advantages at a glance

  • All drive elements maintenance free 
  • Simple cleaning of the gluing aggregates
  • Fast take-out of single rollers from the infeed conveyor
  • High alignment and feed speed
  • Longer pot-life of the glue due to reduced rotation speed of the glue rollers in stand-by
  • Left- or righthand execution allow the integration of the machine into existing production lines

The precise gluing and high efficiency of the KLM make it an extremely effective machine.

If the KUPER KLM is equipped with the optical width detection of the veneer package, the glue application machine responds even more rapidly to the incoming packages. Information about the “width of the package” is determined and in the same instant is forwarded to the controller of the KLM. The alignment rollers move at high speed to the optimal position in order to receive the next veneer bundle and minimize delays.

For even more flexibility the KLM can also be equipped with 4 glue pots. This allows the operator to switch between two different types of glue. For example, PVAc- and urea-based glues or different shades.

Option – Cooling of the glue pots:

Operating the optional cooler prolongs the pot-life of urea-based glues considerably, resulting in more continuous working hours without interruptions.


Easy to use central touchpanel. Operation parameters for different veneer species can be stored and recalled from a data base.

Top pressure unit

The special concept of the top pressure unit enables a both-sided pressing of the veneer bundle during the gluing process. With this new technology the penetration of glue into the veneer bundle is avoided.

Kuper KLM

Technical data.

Feed Speed approx. 35 m/min.
Length of veneer bundle from approx. 250 mm
Width of veneer bundle approx. 50 – 470 mm or
approx. 50 – 700 mm
Height of veneer bundle approx. 3 – 50 mm
Operating voltage 400 V, 3 Ph
+ N + PE, 50 Hz cycl. or special voltage
Total connected load approx. 5.7 kVA

Additional technical data upon request. Illustrations may contain options. Additional components such as control cabinets, safety facilities e.g. are maybe not shown. Subject to design modification.

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