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Planing and molding machine


The high performance SWT.

Looking for extra power? For those who need maximum power and speed, our KUPER SWT HL is exactly the right machine. With feed speeds up to 80 m/min and its impressive spindle motor power up to 37 kW, the KUPER SWT HL is the strongest member of our powerful SWT family.

Why not optimize your operating procedures with the powerful KUPER SWT HL? This high-performance machine is not just reliable and durable, in addition it gives you numerous individual options.

KUPERPOWER for your business.

Advantages at a glance

  • Planer and molder with particularly robust design for continuous use in industry and trade
  • With innovative KUPER K2 control or with proven manual operation
  • Particularly large axial adjustment of the vertical spindles of 60 mm. Ideal for quick program change without tool change in connection with a K2 control.
  • Working widths from 230, 250, 300, 350 to a maximum of 400 mm
  • Feed and spindle motors IE3 energy saving motors. Motor powers can be selected according to the specific requirements.
  • Feed speed infinitely variable via frequency converter (up to a maximum of 80m/min)
  • Variable spindle speed via frequency converter between 4,000 and 6,000 rpm as standard, or up to a maximum of 9,000 /min as an option, controllable
  • Practical quick-action lock system ProLock®
  • Hydraulic counter bearings on all spindles if required
  • On request, precise jointer system for improved surface quality at high feed rates
  • Hard-chromium plated infeed and machine tables

The KUPER K² control system.

For every application the appropriate control system: The unique KUPER K² control systems is available in „Basic“, „Professional“ and in the high-end „Advanced+“ version. Self-explanatory symbols on the SIEMENS touch panel enable intuitive and simple operation.

Simple four-sided operation up to a server based management, all these processes are feasible with the Siemens control system. All these different control systems allow a detailed monitoring of the machine at any time. If necessary, mechanical adjustments or required tool changes are indicated.

Examples of spindle configurations:




Kuper SWT HL


The KUPER SWT HL can do even more.

In addition to the generous basic equipment, we offer a whole range of further labour-saving devices. These include telescope feed rollers, pressure elements for rods, bakelite table inserts and many more. You will find what you need for your demanding tasks.

Perfect results in one pass

Precision with every run! The KUPER SWT HL processes and transports all workpieces with exactly the same feed rate. Just set the speed and adjust it as required at any time via potentiometer.

Reliable and convenient

To ensure that you always set up new profiles quickly and reliably, you guide the workpieces through the system by remote control. Simple and convenient.

Hard-chromium plated work surfaces

For precise results, all table surfaces of the KUPER SWT series are hard-chrome plated. That lasts for a long time. And ensures precise stop surfaces for the life of the machine!

Dynamic spindles

Take advantage of the almost limitless variety of the KUPER SWT HL. With the axial adjustment travel of up to 100 mm, several machining tools can be combined on the four-bearing vertical spindles at the same time. All without time-consuming tool changes.

Fast tool changing thanks to ProLock®

To enable you to quickly perform any necessary tool changes on all spindles, the ProLock® clamping system is part of the basic equipment - on the KUPER SWT XS, XL and HL.

Kuper SWT HL

Supplementary accessories.

The KUPER SWT HL works with up to ten spindles in different arrangements. Useful special units such as the universal spindle and the sawing unit can be excellently combined with the basic machine. We customize your woodworking machine individually according to your requirements. Completely according to your needs.

A few examples of our wide range of accessories.


Individually programmable control



Saw unit

Bakelite table insert

Kuper SWT HL

Technical data.

  Basic equipment Options
Working width 15 – 230 mm 15-250, 300, 350, 400 mm
Working height 10 – 150 mm 5 – 230 mm
Feed speed 6 – 36 m/min. 6-40, 60, 80 m/min.
Axial adjustment path horizontal spindle 40 mm,
vertical spindle 80 mm
horizontal spindle bis 60 mm,
vertical spindle 80 – 100 mm
Spindle arrangement 1-10 spindles 1-10 spindles
Spindle power rating all 7.5 kW bottom up 37 kW,
right and left up to 15 kW,
top up to 22 kW
Universal spindle 7.5 kW up to 11 kW
Saw spindle 11 kW up to 45 kW
Spindle rotational speed 6,000 U/min.

2,000 – 9,000 U/min.

Spindle diameter 40 mm 50 mm
Tool diameter first bottom spindle
125 – 180 mm,
vertical 125 – 232 mm,
horizontal 125 – 225 mm
bottom up to 250 mm
Profile-groove depth up to 20 mm up to 35 mm

Additional technical data upon request. Illustrations may contain options. Additional components such as control cabinets, safety facilities e.g. are maybe not shown. Subject to design modification.

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