FLUX Remote App.

It’s all about speed.

In emergencies, time is money: If one of your machines malfunctions or you urgently require a replacement for a worn part, every second of downtime costs you cold, hard cash. What if you could confine, define and eliminate the problem without delay together with a KUPER expert – virtually?

More Speed

Problem solving in augmented reality.

Every second counts, if one of your machines gives you problems. Of course, we know how important it is for you to keep production running – and that’s exactly why we developed the KUPER service app based on the FLUX Remote software.

To use the app, log in via our service portal and get the right contact person and an assigned access token. With the token you can dial in via a smartphone or a tablet (Android and iOS) with the FLUX Remote app.

In the virtual room (augmented reality) our KUPER experts can then give you detailed instructions for troubleshooting thanks to the camera in the mobile device via markers and arrows. You can also mark the area where you believe the problem is. The KUPER service technicians can then provide assistance without delay, for example if it is only a matter of adjusting tools or dosing units. Otherwise, our KUPER experts can define the error and immediately send you the necessary spare parts or send out a KUPER technician.

The setup costs for the app are reasonable and pay for themselves rapidly thanks to the time and money you save. You save downtime, traveling expenses, travel time and nerves. Kuper practical.

Looking for something else?

We want to cater to all of your requirements for the machines in your business. To ensure this, we are continuously working on our comprehensive service portfolio.

If the service mentioned above is not exactly what you are looking for, perhaps one of the services mentioned below will do the trick. If not: Call us anytime. Or send us an email with your concerns – together we will find a solution. Kuper fast and uncomplicated.

Technical Hotline

What can we do for you? Whether you need technical information or spare parts, have questions about our machines and our support or about special machine configurations: We’ve got the answers.

Technical Hotline

Spare parts

We have the spare parts that you need. And if we ever don’t, we will get them for you promptly. That’s how things roll when you count on Kuper quality.

Spare parts

Inspections and maintenance

The most efficient approach is to detect and prevent errors, wear and tear and failures before they happen. We’ll take care of this for you with our inspection and maintenance packages or the KUPER service agreement. Predictive Maintenance by KUPER. Customized to your needs and absolutely reliable.

Inspections and maintenance

Your contact person

Do you have any questions?